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Concrete Batching Plants by ST-MACHINE can fullfill all needs in concrete batching plants with its wide range of products:  mixing systems for every task (Planetary / Twin-shaft mixers), Concrete Transport Systems, automatic Vibro Compression concrete block and brick Machine, various capacity Cement Silos, equipment for the Precast Concrete Production (Moulds and Tilting Tables for walls, columns, beams, staircases, trusses, tetrapods and other). 

To reduce the high transportation cost of concrete batching plants to overseas, ST-MACHINE had started to focused on compact mini concrete batching plants which can be fitted in containers (STM 30 m³/h fully automatic portable (compact type or concrete batching plant ST-60 with 55-60 m³/hour). Concrete mixing plants ST 30-300 m³/h >>

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moscow concrete plant stmachine.jpg
The concrete plant ST-120 with the concrete transport system & the vibro compression machines (Moscow)

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stmachine Silo Warehouse concrete plants.jpg
The cement warehouses ST (Syria)


stmachine concrete mixing plants from russia.jpg
The concrete batching plant ST-60, machines and equipment for the production of prestressed concrete elements & the staircase mould by ST


Concrete mixing plant ST-120  with concrete recycling systems, concrete transport systems and vibro compression concrete block and brick machine (Russuia, Moscow)

concrete plants from russia ST-machine.ru.jpg

Our experts are building the concrete mixing plant ST-120 with capacity 120 m³/h in Moscow region. Let's describe in detail the equipment of  this concrete plant:

  • 2-shaft concrete mixers (1500/1000 L, KOMPLET / Italy);
  • 4 silos (500 T);
  • Concrete Recycling Systems; 
  • each Silos fitted with Filters ( The filters of the clean emissions were especially produced by the company POLIDETAL);
  • 3 steam Boilers (0.9 kW) with a system of steam lines for heating the inert materials (sand, gravel and etc);
  • Buffer Tank for supply of Water (40 m³);
  • the majority of the Concrete Plant Components including aggregate Hopper panels are galvanized;
  • Lines of the Vibro Compression Machines for building materials: stones concrete GOST 6665-91, slab of sidewalk concrete GOST 17608-91, stones concrete wall GOST 6133-99.


ST-КRМ (vibro compression machines):

Type of block          Dimensions                     Per 8 h

wall blocks               390 x 190 x 188 mm     1000/8000
side stone                1000 x 300 x 150 mm   120/960
paving slabs             m2                                   80/640

This machine ST-KRM by ST is ideal for a most economic mass production of paving stones, concrete bricks and other building elements. 

Present day production of building materials is primarily a high level of automation and stability of quality characteristics of output products.  The Concrete Mixing Plants ST & the Concrete Block Making Machines for building materials production offered by the Company "ST-MACHINE" are characterized with a long service life, high reliability and quality of output products.

concrete plants from russia st machine.jpg
vibro compression machines from Russuia.jpg
Boilers 0.9 kW with a system of steam lines for heating stmachine.jpg
Boilers 0.9 kW with a system of steam lines for heating.jpg
concrete plants from russia.jpg
two shaft concrete mixers stmachine plants from russia.jpg
Concrete Recycling Systems.jpg
two shaft concrete mixers from russia.jpg
concrete mixing plants from russia.jpg


Cement warehouses by ST-Machine (Syria)

st machine Silo Warehouse concrete plants.jpg


Cement Storage Silo by ST

Silos for the storage and loading of dry bulk materials by ST-MACHINE. Within them, ventilation is organized, not allowing the contents to be absorbed by moisture and pre-ideal conditions for cement. Such structures are in demand where there is a daily need for dry building material for the preparation of mixtures for various purposes. These are enterprises that produce reinforced concrete products, and compact production shops specializing in molding products, and any large construction.

Construction of dry storage ST is reliable enough. Cement silo is a metal cylinder mounted on supports, with a removable upper head and a lower conical. The stationary ones are mounted on a concrete foundation and fixed with powerful anchors. Inside and outside the walls of the bank are welded stairs with fences for convenient maintenance. In the upper bottom for the same purpose is a hatch, through which you can get inside. The most difficult part of the repository is the upper one. Here there is a loading cement duct, a pressure relief valve and a filter in a metal casing. The cement dust trap is included in the basic equipment, but depending on the financial possibilities of the buyer, options are offered.

Cement warehouses ST are located near the railway line in Syria.

Silo Warehouse concrete plants stmachine.jpg
warehouse concrete plants stmachine.jpg
warehouse concrete plants st-machine.jpg


The concrete batching plant ST-60, machines and equipment for the production of prestressed concrete elements & the staircase mould by ST


The specialists of our company have already completed  the construction of the concreete mixing plant ST-60 with capacity 55-60 m³/h and different equipment for the production of prestressed concrete elements in Kokshetau city of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The heart of this plant is twinshaft mixer, produces 1,5 m³ of concrete per batch. The dual-function water distribution system, which is used to distribute the water uniformly within the mixer while ensuring better homogeneity of the mixture, could be used for cleaning also. For cement storage, there are 1 cement silo.

There are 3 aggregate storage bins, each has 15 m³ storage capacity and each is equipped with dosing belts with speed control which provides feed rates that are fully adjustable for the aggregate. It is possible to have a precise control over mixer design with specialized dosing system and automation system to adjust flow rates. 

The staircase mould was specially produced in October 2017.

Dimensions: 3730 x 2450 x 2060 mm.

We can provide numerous solutions for manufacturing staircases and landings: from simple moulds or double battery moulds for fixed, standard staircases to flexible moulds for staircases of various shapes and sizes.

ST-MACHINE is supplied moulds and tilting tables. 

stationary concrete batching plant st.jpg
stationary concrete plant st.jpg
stationary concrete plant.jpg
stationary mixing concrete plant.jpg
stationary mixing concrete plant kokshetau.jpg
staircase mould by stmachine.jpg


The equipment for the cement silo by ST-Machine, Moscow, Russia

st sklad poroshka st machine.jpg

Horizontal Cement Silo Manufacturer and Supplier for your cement needs from Russia

The Cement Silo by ST-Machine with a capacity of 400m³ was build as close as possible to the asphalt plant BENNINGHOVEN in Moscow. The warehouse equipment ST-400 includes four silos of 100 m³ each (+ air filters and aspiration, valves, pressure sensors upper and lower levels and the aeration system).

Horizontal Cement Silo ST are much sought after product by Concrete manufacturing companies for their ease of working, mobility, productivity and lack of any special civil works.With optional telescopic legs, these concrete silos do not need a crane to be loaded or unloaded from a trailer, or to be installed in an open yard.

From the container warehouse ST-400 in the supply silo of the asphalt plant mineral powder is fed pneumatic chamber pump by a metal pipe with a diameter of 159 mm.

As a leading cement silo manufacturer ST-Machine, we offer Cement Silos ST equipped with Load Cells for continuous weight measurement for accurate batching and cement stock management, depending upon the requirement of the Client. 

sklad mineralnogo poroshka silosa montag.jpg
sklad mineralnogo poroshka silosa montag stmachine.jpg
sklad mineralnogo poroshka silosa montag st-machine.jpg
sklad mineralnogo poroshka avtomatika.jpg
sklad mineralnogo poroshka vugruzka.jpg
sklad mineralnogo poroshka st.jpg


ST-60 stationary concrete plant (Mikhailov, Ryazan region)

The batching plant ST-60 with capacity 55-60 m³/h with the concrete recycling system.

EXCLUSIVE: the aggregate batching systems by ST have been equipped with automatic covers with the open-close functional (remote control).

The aggregate storage with a total volume of V=45 m³.

Two of the cement silo 80 tons each.

stmachine concrete mixing plant from russia.jpg
stationary concrete mixing plant stm.jpg
stmachine concrete mixing plant.jpg
stmachine concrete mixing plant russia.jpg
stationary concrete plant stmachineru.jpg
stmachine concrete mixing plant mihailov.jpg
stmachine concrete mixing plant batching.jpg
Buffer Tank for supply of Water.jpg
concrete plant.jpg


mould staircase  from russia concrete plant st.jpg

Moulds for staircases by ST-Machine

Structural elements for all types of constructions: residential, commercial and industrial buildings, as well as infrastructures.

This form is intended for the manufacture of stairways (with a storey height of 2.8 m; 3.0m and 3.3 m).

The design of the mould allows to produce five different sizes of stairways not only in height but also in width of 1200 mm and 1000 mm. This is possible through the use of  the  special metal indexable inserts.


mould staircase  from russia.jpg
mould st machine staircase  from russia.jpg
st machine staircase mould from russia.jpg
mould staircase  from russia concrete plant.jpg
stmachine staircase mould from russia.jpg


ST-180, Cherepovets, Russian

ST-180 stationary concrete plant has a compacted concrete production capacity of 175-180 m³/h with two twin shaft mixers with high output and production efficiency. By the way, the twin shaft mixers are heavy duty and the most widely used models in the world today.

stationary concrete plant.jpg
stationary concrete plant from russia.jpg
stationary concrete plant from russia st.jpg
st stationary concrete plant.jpg
stationary concrete plant from russia stmachine.jpg
stationary concrete plant mixer.jpg
stationary concrete plant st.jpg
stt stationary concrete plant.jpg


ST-60, Bryansk, Russia

ST-60 stationary concrete plant has 55-60 m³/h production capacity and was preferred with 1000 l  twin shaft russian mixer depending upon the requirement of the client.

The aggregate storage bins were produced with 4 compartments with V=60 m³/h. Two cement silo - 80 tons each.

concrete batching plants st machine bryansk.jpg
concrete batching plants stmachine.jpg
concrete batching plants st machine.jpg


ST-60, Kaliningrad, Russia. Tetrapod steel mould. 

stationary concrete plant from russia st.jpg
stationary concrete plant stm.jpg
stationary concrete plant.jpg
stationary concrete plant from russia.jpg



Our engineers, designers, assemblers and technicians of installation and start up of machines are among the most experienced in the industry.

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