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Based on a wide experience of more than two decades of activity, ST-Machine project manufactures and supplies machineries and concrete plant equipment for the production of the ready mix concrete and precast concrete structures and products, with the guarantee of an experienced Russian supplier – ST-MACHINE.

Established in 1996, industrial company ST-Machine  has become one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance concrete plants production of building materials for various industries in Russia and SIS (Society of Independent States). Our industrial company is a major designer and manufacturer of concrete plants and accessories. Up until now more than 640 concrete mixing plants (by ST trade mark) are already produces concrete mixes, concrete for production lines for partition walls, staircases, concrete piles, beams and columns.

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Here is the most efficient and the final solution that we offer you as ST-Machine (equipment for concrete mixing plants since 1996): our stationary concrete mixing plants are being been manufactured in 6 different options:  60m³/h, 90m³/h, 120m³/h, 180m³/h, 240m³/h and 300m³/h capacities, cement silos, dosing systems, silo top filter, screw conveyor, mixers a wide range, including Planetary / Twin-shaft mixers and other accessories for concrete mixing installation. Also we offer you to buy the popular concrete plant - STM 30 /h (mini mobile).

ST-Machine is following customer oriented development strategy providing full satisfaction to customers with design, deliveries, quality in production, assembling, and training and after-sale services.  The after-sales service and generous inventory policies of our industrial company can keep your plant running without a breakdown or interruption. That’s why concrete mixing plants by ST (trade mark) are well accepted and highly regarded not only in Russia, but also abroad.

Our production factory located in Balashiha, Moscow region, Russia. We will be glad to new cooperation abroad and advise on the choice of equipment ST-Machine. We always aim at improving collaboration with its existing clients.

Yours faithfully,

Eugene Belinsky, CEO ST-Machine

e-mail: jenr@mail.ru

Tel.: +7 (985) 340 41 60

Nikita Zhgenti, specialist in the supply of imported equipment

ST-MACHINE provides a full range of services for the production organization:

1. Project and engineering works.
2. Delivery of the equipment.
3. Installation supervision and start-up works.
4. Staff training, proportioning, development of processing methods.
5. After-sales service.
6. Consulting support.
7. Implementation of new technologies and modernization of the operating equipment.
8. Drawing up of customs documents and delivery to any country.


the concrete batching plants by st-machine from russia

STM 30 /h  (compact concrete batching plant)

The compact concrete batching plants is the latest design by ST-MACHINE’s team.  The compact concrete batching plants STM were designed by specialists of ST-MACHINE to be easily and economically transported to the client not only across the country Russia, but also to overseas.

The mini batching plant STM  is designed for storage, conveying and preparation of high-quality concrete mixtures and mortars. The machine is capable of producing up to 30 m³ of concrete per hour or 240 m³ of concrete per shift (8 hours).  It can be placed at the customer's location, directly at the construction site. It’s one of the important advantage of this equipment. All units and aggregates of the compact concrete batching plants STM on a common frame that allows you to deploy a mini-factory on any unprepared area. Quick and easy installation (only a few hours // 1-2 days)

The mini batching plant STM  consists of: mixer, weight batcher cement, four aggregate bins of materials volume 9 m³, conveyor dosing conveyor with сhevron belt, volumetric water batcher and dispenser for liquid additives, screw conveyor feeder, cement, pneumatics, automatic control system.  STM plant is said to offer easy transport and installation, absence of civil works, easy maintenance and environmental protection, along with minimal installation time and cost (it can be operated by one person).

PRICE FROM     € 15 000

Terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2016 (FOB)


ST-60 stationary concrete plant has 55 m³/h production capacity and can be preferred with 1500/1000 l planetary mixer (Russia, Sicoma) and twin shaft mixer (Russia, Komplet, Sicoma) depending on the project.

Depending on the requirement, aggregate storage bins can be produced with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or even more compartments and thus different materials can be used as much as required.

Concrete mixing plants by ST-MACHINE are equipped with Concrete Transport Systems.

The concrete travelling buckets are the fastest (4,5 m/s) in the world.


PRICE FROM     € 95 000

Terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2016 (FOB)


ST-120 (110 m³/h)  is widely used to produce common commercial concrete, wet concrete, dry-hard concrete, plastic concrete, etc. It can be used for building road, bridge, dam, house and so on.

Aggregate bins have 2 to 4 compartments for storage of various sand and aggregate (rocks, gravel, etc.) sizes.


PRICE FROM     € 150 000

Terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2016 (FOB)


ST-180 stationary concrete plant has a compacted concrete production capacity of 175 m³/h with two twin shaft mixers with high output and production efficiency. By the way, the twin shaft mixers are heavy duty and the most widely used models in the world today.

ST-180 concrete mixing plant for sale have wide application in many large construction projects, which can be used to mix all ratios of concrete, dry concrete, plastic concrete, aggregate and mortars. Central mixing plant basically consists of material weighting, conveying, storage and control system, and it can do great help for the construction and development civil and rural construction works.


PRICE FROM     € 220 000

Terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2016 (FOB)



Theoretical capacity: 220 m³/h with two twin shaft mixers (two types pans: Twin Shaft / Planetary on the choice) including heated hoppers.

It is mainly used in large-scale water conservancy and bridge engineering and etc.


PRICE FROM     € 340 000

Terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2016 (FOB)


With excellent performance up to 300 m³/h, competitive price and long service life, our central mix concrete batch plants for sale can be your first choice.

Capacity of cement silos in our plants vary between 50 tons and 500 tons according to the needs of our clients. When the cement is supplied as big bags, the cement is filled to the silos easily by means of big bag opening and silo charging systems which are entegrated to the plants.


PRICE FROM     € 460 000

Terms of delivery according to Incoterms 2016 (FOB)


ST-Machine offers two types of the pan mixers depending on the project:

  • Planetary mixer (Russia, Sicoma)
  • Twin shaft mixer (Russia, Komplet, Sicoma)


    These pan mixers have easy and low cost maintenance, easy operation and high efficiency mixing, also the pan mixers is preferable not only in Russia but around the world.

    ST-Machine twinshaft mixers by from 1 m³ to 5 m³ discharge capacity/per batch, can be used in many different applications such as readymix concrete, precast, RCC, heavy concrete, high performance concrete.

    ST-Machine planetary mixers, which are preferred for production of low or zero slump pre-cast concrete and special concrete productions, ensures the highest homogeneity with agitators rotating around their axes during the rotation of the mixer turret.


    Concrete mixing plants by ST-MACHINE are equipped with Concrete Transport Systems. The concrete travelling buckets are the fastest (4,5 m/s) in the world.

    ST-Machine offers two types of the concrete travelling buckets ST:

    • The concrete travelling buckets ST is 0,5 m/s (capacity 10 tons), the concrete travelling buckets can be designed to move on a rail as well as on a crane (gantry or girder);
    • The speed of high-speed concrete travelling bucket STis 4,5 m/s (1,5 m3 - capacity is available).


    Transport concrete efficiently with the equipment by ST-Machine:

    ● Accelerating transport

    ● Optimizing material flow

    ● Reducing cycle times

    ● Giving priority to one bucket compared

    to another

    Simplify order processing:

    ● Automated production control

    ● Managing deliveries to production stations

    ● Dealing with an unlimited number of

    mix designs.


    Concrete from concrete mixing plant should be transported to the production molds or machines very swiftly in concrete precast factories to prevent any segregation or hardening of concrete which effects quality of end product. ST-Machine offers a high speed concrete automatic travelling bucket, which transport concrete on shortest time ensures highest quality on end product and high efficiency and capacity as well.

    ST-MACHINE manufactures stationary concrete plants whose production capacity varies between 30 m³/h and 300 m³/h.

    Factories brand ST meet the highest environmental requirements, as well as legislative acts of the Russian Federation: Federal Law "On environmental protection" from 10.01.2002 № 7-FZ, Federal Law "On atmospheric air protection" from 04.05.1999, № 96-FZ and relevant regulatory documents. Equipment company has the certificate of conformity № ROSS RU.TN.02.В02797 and the hygienic certificate of SES of No. 77.MU.02.482.P.000900.06.07. The technology of production control ISO 9001.

    The quantity of hoppers, cement silos, screw conveyors, batching and weighingsystems can be choosed by users.

    The heart of the concrete batching plant is the mixer, and we offer various types of mixers and its manufacturer, such as Planetary mixer (Russia, Sicoma) and Twin shaft mixer (Russia, Komplet, Sicoma).

    Every concrete plants ST include the automation concrete batching system (automation and control system with computer automation).

    ST-MACHINE can take on projects of all sizes /any complexity and provide all the guarantees required.

    Our specialists are sure that the climate conditions have major affects on the quality of concrete. While the plants in cold-climate regions are being heated by hot vapor generators and insulated panels, the concrete water of plants in hot-regions is cooled by chillers.


    Our engineers, designers, assemblers and technicians of installation and start up of machines are among the most experienced in the industry.

    I’ve got questions /  I would like to receive more information about concrete batching plants ST-Machine by e-mail.

    E-mail: jenr@mail.ru 

    Eugene Belinsky, CEO ST-Machine

    Tel.: +7 (985) 340 41 60

    Nikita Zhgenti, specialist in the supply of imported equipment


    Concrete Batching Plants by ST-MACHINE can fullfill all needs in concrete batching plants with its wide range of products:  mixing systems for every task (Planetary / Twin-shaft mixers), Concrete Transport Systems, automatic Vibro Compression concrete block and brick Machine, various capacity Cement Silos, equipment for the Precast Concrete Production (Moulds and Tilting Tables for walls, columns, beams, staircases, trusses, tetrapods and other). 

    To reduce the high transportation cost of concrete batching plants to overseas, ST-MACHINE had started to focused on compact mini concrete batching plants which can be fitted in containers (STM 30 m³/h fully automatic portable (compact type or concrete batching plant ST-60 with 55-60 m³/hour). Concrete mixing plants ST 30-300 m³/h >>